DONGZADONGHWI is an artist who works with paintings, videos, and objects. As a video artist since 2015, DONGZADONGHWI enjoys collaborating with musicians and his progression to the realm of web3 was a natural one- his thirst for color only rivaled by his search for life’s meaning beyond mediums, from painting to sculpture and now NFTs.

동자동휘는 회화, 영상, 오브제 작업을 하는 작가입니다. 2015년부터 비디오 아티스트로서 음악가들과의 협업을 즐기는 동자동휘는 web3 영역으로의 진출은 자연스러운 것이었습니다. 그림에서 조각, 그리고 이제는 NFT 이르기까지 매체를 넘어선 삶의 의미를 찾는 그의 색체와 형태에 대한 갈증은 작품으로 계속 이어지고 있습니다.

Miné.K (김미네)

Miné.K is an artist who creates a yellow teddy bear character called NOBODY. NOBODY is a series of works that express aspects of our daily lives, tastes, and occupations. NOBODY’s various appearances are portraits of modern people who pursue something special, but eventually face the most ordinary me and others, one of many.

아티스트 김미네는 NOBODY라는 노란색 테디베어 캐릭터를 만드는 아티스트입니다. NOBODY는 우리의 일상과 취향, 직업의 단면을 표현한 작품 시리즈입니다. NOBODY의 다양한 모습은 특별함을 추구하지만 결국 가장 평범한 나와 타인, 그 중 하나와 마주하는 현대인들의 초상입니다.

Lee Hyo-sun (이효선)

Lee Hyo-sun, blue is the shadow that lines her soul, and by making eye contact with her blue hazy-eyed figures, we too can step inside her universe and bathe in its serene afterglow. Indeed, for the characters in Lee Hyo-sun’s work, eye contact and body language seem to be the only way to communicate- for they don’t have mouths. In viewing her work, Lee Hyo-sun urges us to remember that we cry for two reasons: When we are happy, and when we are sad, and at the same time we use the same color.


이효선 작가에게 파란색은 그녀의 영혼을 가두는 그림자이며, 작품 속 푸른 눈동자와 눈을 마주치면 우리도 그의 우주 속으로 들어가 그 잔잔한 여운에 젖게 됩니다. 실제로 이효선의 작품 속 인물들은 입이 없기 때문에 눈맞춤과 몸짓만이 의사소통의 수단이 됩니다 .이효선은 우리가 우는 이유는 기쁠 때와 슬플 때 두 가지인데 동시에 파란색이라는 같은 색을 사용한다는 점을 그녀의 작품을 통해 생각하게 해줍니다.

Rowa (로와)

Rowa is illustrator, digital artist, and fashion designer. There is just something so alluring about the worlds she creates, and the conflicting elements she brings to the table are often as delicious as they are grotesque. A little bit of sweet, a little bit of salty.

“While majoring in fashion, I especially liked Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood, and the mix and match of feminine lace materials and mannish and strong leather materials, and the heterogeneous combination of traditional British clothing, punk, and deconstructionist details. The inspiration I received from this has continued into my current work.”

로와는 일러스트레이터이자 디지털 아티스트, 패션 디자이너입니다. 그녀가 창조한 세계에는 시선을 끄는 무언가가 있고, 그녀가 테이블에 가져온 상충되는 요소는 종종 그로테스크한 만큼 매혹적으로 느껴집니다.

션을 전공하면서 특히 알렉산더 맥퀸과 비비안 웨스트우드를 좋아했고, 페미닌한 레이스 소재와 매니시하고 강한 가죽 소재의 믹스매치, 영국 전통의상과 펑크, 해체주의적 디테일의 이질적인 조합을 좋아했습니다. 에서 받은 영감이 현재 작업에도 이어지고 있습니다.”

Mothfly (모스플라이)

As a graphic designer and an illustrator, the work of Mothfly is instilled with an undercurrent of chaotic potential “made chill.” By fusing his love for the humor of American cartoons with contemporary Korean culture, Mothfly lets his mind roam when he creates, and often covers some pretty bizarre expanses in the process. Through each disparate character or situation he creates, no matter how outlandish, a portrait of the artist be revealed through his characters, the environment where the artist grew up and his tastes and doing graffiti.

그래픽 디자이너이자 일러스트레이터인 모스플라이(Mothfly) 작품은 잠재적인 혼란이 만드는 쿨함을 만들어 냅니다. 미국 클랙 코미디 만화에 대한 그의 애정과 현대 한국 문화와 융합을 바탕으로, 모스플라이 작가는 창작할 마음에 떠오르는 이미지들을 확장해 나가며 과정에서 종종 기괴하거나 놀라운 캐릭터들이 만들어집니다. 그가 만들어내는 각각의 이질적인 캐릭터나 상황이 아무리 특이하더라도 그의 캐릭터, 예술가가 성장한 환경, 그리고 그의 취향과 낙서를 통해 예술가의 초상이 드러납니다.

Molly (몰리)

Molly is a product of the times, and his characters reflect it. Multicultural and multinational is the name of the game, and stepping into his comic book Universe is like dunking your head in a retro pinball machine, in a good way! Ricocheting between the subcultures of hip hop, cyberpunk, and skateboarding, his artwork  mirror unique qualities in humorous situations, and present captivating stories that challenge prejudice in the age of the internet.

몰리(Molly) 시대의 산물이고 그의 캐릭터는 그것을 반영합니다. 다문화와 다국적은 기본이며 그의 만화책 세계에 들어가는 것은 좋은 의미에서 복고풍 핀볼 기계에 머리를 담그는 것과 같습니다! 힙합, 사이버펑크, 스케이트보드의 하위 문화 사이를 오가는 그의 작품은 유머러스한 상황에서 독특한 특성을 반영하고 인터넷 시대의 편견에 도전하는 매혹적인 이야기를 제시합니다.

Johnny Boy (조니 보이)

Love is sometimes a concept that has been packaged and sold to us by all manner of advertisers and dreamers. But for Korean artist Johnny Boy, he wants to present it as it truly is, unwrapped and free of all the boxes that contain it. As a student of automobile design, illustration, and fine arts in the U.S., his work adores texture and delights in its use, whether his characters are squished, solid, or runny.

As an artist Johnny Boy’s central theme is always to always to “love and be loved,” which is a lofty aspiration to both live by and pursue creatively.


사랑은 때때로 모든 종류의 광고와 몽상가에 의해 포장되고 상품화되는 개념입니다. 그러나 아티스트 조니 보이(Johnny Boy) 그것을 포장한 모든 상자를 풀고 있는 그대로 있는 사랑을 표현하기를 원합니다. 미국에서 자동차 디자인, 일러스트레이션, 순수 미술을 공부한 그는 또한 질감의 느낌을 표현하는데 그의 캐릭터가 찌그러지거나 단단하거나 흐물거리거나 상관없이 사용을 즐깁니다.

예술가로서 Johnny Boy 중심 주제는 항상사랑하고 사랑받는 이며, 이는 삶과 창조적 추구 모두에 대한 숭고한 포부입니다.

Will`s Planet (윌스 플래닛<)

Imagine a world destroyed by “high intellect’s” high technology. Now imagine a world fully healed by the hand of the divine, a planet whose fantastical flora and fauna positively blossom within a strange and ever evolving garden of Eden. Welcome to the fever dream of artist Kim Jiwon, aka Will’s Planet, a place where the food chain has been turned upside down and humans now inhabit the lowest rungs on the ladder both intellectually and physically.


높은 지능 첨단 기술에 의해 파괴된 세계를 상상해 보십시오. 이제 신의 손으로 완전히 치유된 세계, 이상하고 끊임없이 진화하는 에덴동산에서 환상적인 생물체들이 적극적으로 꽃을 피우는 행성을 상상해 보십시오. 먹이 사슬이 뒤집어지고 인간이 지적으로나 육체적으로 생태계의 가장 낮은 단계에 거주하는 윌스 플래닛(Will`s Planet), 김지원 작가의 열광적 꿈에 오신 것을 환영합니다.



GDR is a multidisciplinary artist with a pedigree in fine art photography, film and design. His work vividly expresses the ineffable interstices between the humans, nature and the subconscious, with an uncanny chiaroscuro flourish reminiscent of the old masters. GDR’s integration of modern technique and practices have made him a favorite in the NFT art movement and elite publications alike. He lives and works in Manhattan, NY and holds a Master of Interdisciplinary Arts from The University of Washington.


Storm Ritter is an ambidextrous artist, designer, and business owner of Storm Ritter, Inc. in Greenwich Village, NYC. Full time painter, she specializes in studio art, painted fashion, scenic/costume design, murals, visual marketing, and retail/e-commerce sales.
January to February 2022, Storm completed a 60-foot building mural, Age Of The Cool People. The large-scale painting provided a design foundation for NFTs, custom garments, jewelry, and art prints. March to August, Storm focused on expanding her collection of fine art and jewelry, catered to garment & canvas commissions and showed in various group shows in Soho. September – October, Storm opened her second solo show, Cirque of The Cool People, in Meatpacking, NYC with Gallery 23 NY.


Jay Gittens, known to the art world as The Love Child, is a self taught painter who launched into the scene selling his work on the busy streets of Soho. After immigrating to New York from his birthplace of Grenada, The Love Child found his voice in the colorful and vivid paintings that would go on to become his charismatic style.  Inspired by his youth living in an island country, he brings the rich imagery and colors he was surrounded with growing up to his artwork.  His exuberant style can be described as expressive, whimsical and playful.  The Love Child makes use of warm vivid colors in his paintings which he believes affect the positive and pleasurable senses of his audience.  Not wanting to be constrained by a singular mode, his work passes between narrative and more abstract imagery in a harmonious way.  Both hold the presence and power of a singular artist with a unique sense of individuality.


Gunnar Magnus is a 25 year old oil painter and new media artist based in Brooklyn/Soho New York. Starting from a very young age, Gunnar’s work has always held a consistent tone of surreal subjects with dynamic action. Beginning with painting in the street, Gunnar progressed from studio to studio becoming more fine art and painting oriented with each move.

His painting practice has been honed over years of experimentation, touching different edges of the surreal, the figurative, and the abstract. His foray into Crypto Art began in February 2021, minting NFT’s that were digital collages of his own paintings, before progressing into digital paintings, animations, and AI artwork.


Zachary Laine was born on February 18th 1990 in Manhattan, New York. Although he spent his early years in Miami, Zachary Laine is a New York City-based artist who draws inspiration from the concrete metropolis of the Big Apple. Having spent his childhood in the music and art world with artist parents who worked and were friends with Keith Haring, Zachary Laine has been developing his artistic vision for a lifetime. Originally time spent with his father, a contractor in upstate New York, helped give Zachary Laine concrete inspiration in developing his work. In contrast, his mother was responsible for instilling a passion for painting wherein Zachary gained an understanding of color and composition.




James Romberger’s drawings are in the collections of the Metropolitan, Brooklyn, Newark, Philadelphia and Parrish Museums, Harvard and the Library of Congress. His art has been exhibited at Grace Borgenicht, PPOW, Gracie Mansion and many other galleries in New York, most recently at James Fuentes and the Seoul Museum of Art. Romberger has been published by Marvel, DC/Vertigo, Dark Horse, Image and Fantagraphics; his graphic novels include his Eisner-nominated Post York, and the New York Times bestseller 7 Miles A Second with David Wojnarowicz, that was also on display in the New Museum’s 1999 Wojnarowicz retrospective, and  exhibited in MoMA’s millenium show “Open Ends.” Other works he’s drawn include 2020 Visions, Bronx Kill, Aaron and Ahmed, and the Ignatz-nominated The Late Child and Other Animals. 


Rick Prol was born and raised in New York City where he currently lives and works. He attended Cooper Union College in 1980 and began showing his work publicly in 1982, during the then burgeoning East Village art scene. As art artic Eleanor Heartney writes, “The East Village art scene of the 80`s thrived on the romance of slumming in an era of widespread economic prosperity. Rick Prol was an icon of that era, known for his cartoonish tableaux of mayhem, murder and suicide set in a rat-infested world somewhere east of First Avenue” (Art in America, 1993)