GDR is a multidisciplinary artist with a pedigree in fine art photography, film and design. His work vividly expresses the ineffable interstices between the humans, nature and the subconscious, with an uncanny chiaroscuro flourish reminiscent of the old masters. GDR’s integration of modern technique and practices have made him a favorite in the NFT art movement and elite publications alike. He lives and works in Manhattan, NY and holds a Master of Interdisciplinary Arts from The University of Washington.


Storm Ritter is an ambidextrous artist, designer, and business owner of Storm Ritter, Inc. in Greenwich Village, NYC. Full time painter, she specializes in studio art, painted fashion, scenic/costume design, murals, visual marketing, and retail/e-commerce sales.
January to February 2022, Storm completed a 60-foot building mural, Age Of The Cool People. The large-scale painting provided a design foundation for NFTs, custom garments, jewelry, and art prints. March to August, Storm focused on expanding her collection of fine art and jewelry, catered to garment & canvas commissions and showed in various group shows in Soho. September – October, Storm opened her second solo show, Cirque of The Cool People, in Meatpacking, NYC with Gallery 23 NY.


Gunnar Magnus is a 25 year old oil painter and new media artist based in Brooklyn/Soho New York. Starting from a very young age, Gunnar’s work has always held a consistent tone of surreal subjects with dynamic action. Beginning with painting in the street, Gunnar progressed from studio to studio becoming more fine art and painting oriented with each move.

His painting practice has been honed over years of experimentation, touching different edges of the surreal, the figurative, and the abstract. His foray into Crypto Art began in February 2021, minting NFT’s that were digital collages of his own paintings, before progressing into digital paintings, animations, and AI artwork.


Zachary Laine was born on February 18th 1990 in Manhattan, New York. Although he spent his early years in Miami, Zachary Laine is a New York City-based artist who draws inspiration from the concrete metropolis of the Big Apple. Having spent his childhood in the music and art world with artist parents who worked and were friends with Keith Haring, Zachary Laine has been developing his artistic vision for a lifetime. Originally time spent with his father, a contractor in upstate New York, helped give Zachary Laine concrete inspiration in developing his work. In contrast, his mother was responsible for instilling a passion for painting wherein Zachary gained an understanding of color and composition.




James Romberger’s drawings are in the collections of the Metropolitan, Brooklyn, Newark, Philadelphia and Parrish Museums, Harvard and the Library of Congress. His art has been exhibited at Grace Borgenicht, PPOW, Gracie Mansion and many other galleries in New York, most recently at James Fuentes and the Seoul Museum of Art. Romberger has been published by Marvel, DC/Vertigo, Dark Horse, Image and Fantagraphics; his graphic novels include his Eisner-nominated Post York, and the New York Times bestseller 7 Miles A Second with David Wojnarowicz, that was also on display in the New Museum’s 1999 Wojnarowicz retrospective, and  exhibited in MoMA’s millenium show “Open Ends.” Other works he’s drawn include 2020 Visions, Bronx Kill, Aaron and Ahmed, and the Ignatz-nominated The Late Child and Other Animals. 

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