GDR is a multidisciplinary artist with a pedigree in fine art photography, film and design. His work vividly expresses the ineffable interstices between the humans, nature and the subconscious, with an uncanny chiaroscuro flourish reminiscent of the old masters. GDR’s integration of modern technique and practices have made him a favorite in the NFT art movement and elite publications alike. He lives and works in Manhattan, NY and holds a Master of Interdisciplinary Arts from The University of Washington.

Gabriel Dean Robert MA is a celebrated Vogue Italia photographer living in New York City. His Mythic Taxonomies series shows us flowers from the garden of the gods, an ephemeral glimpse into the platonic “agalma”, the perfected forms of all things. Gabriel’s fine art has been featured in galleries in the US and EU with works shown in MoMa Ps1, Superchief Gallery and Noon Gallery in Brussels, Belgium. A veteran at VICE & Vogue.

Gabriel has become a voice in the emerging world of digital art known as NT’s as well as a respected writer and speaker on the topics of consciousness and religion. He has presented on television and universities, and continues to share insights gained from real life experience, tempered with a solid educational background.

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