OrangeHare is a fine arts NFT platform dedicated to providing artists a path toward new global audiences in the digital age. By working with top industry professionals and established artists, we aim to not only break down the barriers of what art can do in the 21 st century, but also rewrite the stigma surrounding NFTs as something only crypto lovers can enjoy. Our goal is to expand the scope, scale, and sale of art as we know it beyond the narrow limits of our material reality, and in the process, create a more diverse “collector’s club” free of physical and mental constraints. Above all else, OrangeHare aims to foster appreciation, not speculation- and that all starts with the art we choose to display, and how we choose to display it.

The Artists We Work With

Unlike many other platforms, all the artists displayed on OrangeHare are leaders in their various fields with a proven track record of success offline. Likewise, as the brainchild of creators and curators around the globe, our NFT collection reflects an international perspective not limited by borders, rules, or time-periods. Beginning with the legendary movers and shakers of New York’s East Village Scene of the 1970s and 80s and expanding outward to reflect top contemporary talents in Korea, China, and Africa, we value quality-of-work over quantity-of-likes, and being free of the trends of the times is important to us. As a result, our collection is as diverse as the world is large and always dedicated to bringing you something you can’t get anywhere else.

How We Display

After minting and displaying on Opensea, OrangeHare will launch its own NFT platform this summer and expand its reach to include more diverse voices in more diverse regions of the world not limited by time or space. As such, our team of creators and curators are currently hard at work to source previously scrubbed works of street art from all corners of the globe and restore them to their former glory in the form of digital NFTs, a massive undertaking that holds huge artistic benefits for the history and future of urban art. In addition, the engineers at OrangeHare have partnered with top AI animation firms to offer previously unimaginable tools in the realm of AI x Fine Art PFP and Fine Art x Generative Art that promise to expand the way we perceive and interact with digital art online. It’s a brave new art-world out there, and OrangeHare invites you along to enjoy the ride.


OrangeHare is a new concept NFT platform founded as the brainchild between art exhibition agency Wave-i Inc. and electronic certification company Crosscert Inc. As a leading arts agency in Asia, Wave-i has held blockbuster exhibitions related to the arts, culture, and graffiti of the East Village New York at multiple locations across Korea and China, including at the Seoul Museum of Art and Seoul Soup Art Center in Korea as well as OneEast Art Center, Shanghai and MayPark Gallery, Chengdu. In addition, since 2021 Wave-i Inc. has jointly developed and operated the NFT platform ‘Real Collection’ with blockchain company IBCT. In contrast, Crossscert Inc. is the No. 1 electronic certification company in Korea, and through their partnership with Wave-i inc, are preparing to enter the blockchain business with OrangeHare as a company with interest in blockchain and artificial intelligence. To this end, they are working closely and strategically with Wave-I Inc. to build an NFT Platform that represents the next generation of Web 3.