Step 1.

Launch OrangeHare NFTs of fine art artists around the world through Opensea

  • New York

Star artists who have already built a reputation in the real world and NFT world, and East Village artists in New York.

  • Korea

Korea’s emerging pop art/street art artists.

  • Africa

Up-and-coming artists from the African continent

  • China

China’s first-generation graffiti artist and artists who bring a new wave of Chinese art.

Step 2.

Open the OrangeHare NFT platform


  • NFTs of multiple fine art artists from around the world


  • First-generation disappeared NYC graffiti works, digitally restored as NFTs


  • Launch works of fine art artists with IP


Step 3.

OrangeHare NFT platform presents a special project combined with AI

  • Launch the platform’s own Ai animation program which allows artists to easily
  • create animations of their works is revealed.

Step 4.

AI X Fine-Art collaboration PFP

  • AI x Fine-Art Collaboration’s PFP Membership Open


  • Provides various membership programs and benefits