Slide 1

James Romberger

One of the crowning jewels of “New York Now,” James Romberger “Slide 1” details a lost pastel originally shown at Grace Borgenincht Gallery in the 1980s. This piece fully captures the environment of the East Village during the 1980s, where a plague of high crime, drug use, burnt out buildings, unemployment, and more stretched like a tense drum over the entire canopy of the city, leaving residents and visitors alike in a state of constant alert. The work in particular depicts a condemned building on 10th street and C, and offers a glimpse into the exciting future of OrangeHare’s mission, namely, to fully digitize and catalogue lost works of art from the past, and bring them to life on the blockchain. James Romberger’s work has been collected by museums and galleries around the world, and is considered an incredibly
important placeholder in New York history.