The Eminently Lovely Flower 01

Will`s Planet

“The seed that has been wandering the skies has finally found its right place.”

In this work, nothing is what it seems. Gathering energy and protection from “Gaia,” one of Will’s Planet’s three guardians, what looks like a balloon is actually an apple, and the tail in the clouds is an electric eel!

However, the heart-shaped seeds at the center of this story are the seeds of ‘The Eminently Lovely Flower’, which are often found flying in the sky in many other works. Ironically, the seeds of this beautiful flower are sown by a comic-looking creature inspired by the face of a blobfish, which is said to be the world’s ugliest animal. But in this case, they appear to be companions.

“하늘을 떠돌던 씨앗은 적당한 자리를 찾은것 같아요.” 하트 모양의 씨앗은 ‘엄청나게 사랑스러운 꽃’의 씨앗인데 이 씨앗은 다른 여러 작품들에서도 종종 하늘에 날아다니고 있습니다. 엄청나게 사랑스러운 꽃이 피면 아이러니하게도 우스꽝스럽게 생긴 생긴 얼굴이 활짝 피는데 이는 가장 못생긴 동물로 유명한 ‘블롭피쉬’에서 모티브를 얻었습니다.
가장 못생겼다고 칭해지는 동물이지만 제 세계관에서는 이 친구를 아름다운 꽃으로 만들어주고 싶었습니다.