Andreas Sterzing Contemplating the City, New York – Black and White When a young Andreas Sterzing arrived in New York City in the early 1980s, he landed in the middle of the explosion of creativity that would later be known as the East Village Art scene. With his camera and a sense of adventure, he […]

Seoul City

Seoul City I like Candy(Animation) KangCar I remember when I was a young, candy was the size of my fist, and king-sized bars were nearly impossible to hold with both hands. Even now as an adult I can remember the taste, almost as sweet as my memories from back then. With this work, I have […]

Will`s Planet

Will`s Planet(윌스 플래닛) Imagine a world destroyed by “high intellect’s” high technology. Not hard to do, we see signs of it everywhere in the form of environmental pollution and climate change. Now imagine a world fully healed by the hand of the divine, a planet whose fantastical flora and fauna positively blossom within a strange […]

Johnny Boy

Johnny Boy(조니 보이) Love is a concept that has been packaged and sold to us by all manner of advertisers and dreamers, and for good reason. It’s just so darn appealing. But for Korean artist Johnny Boy, he wants to present it as it truly is, unwrapped and free of all the boxes that contain […]


Molly(몰리) Molly is a product of the times, and his characters reflect it. Multicultural and multinational is the name of the game, and stepping into his comic book Universe is like dunking your head in a retro pinball machine, in a good way! Ricocheting between the subcultures of hip hop, cyberpunk, and skateboarding, his artwork […]


Mothfly(모스플라이) As a graphic designer and an illustrator, the work of Park Byungmin aka Mothfly is instilled with an undercurrent of chaotic potential “made chill.” By fusing his love for the humor of American cartoons such as South Park and the Simpsons with contemporary Korean culture, Mothfly lets his mind roam when he creates, and […]


Rowa(로와) Rowa is illustrator, digital artist, and fashion designer. There is just something so alluring about the worlds she creates, and the conflicting elements she brings to the table are often as delicious as they are grotesque. A little bit of sweet, a little bit of salty. “While majoring in fashion, I especially liked Alexander […]

Lee Hyo-sun

Lee Hyo-sun(이효선) Blue is the tried and true tune of the melancholic masses. This much everyone knows to be true. But must it be the only truth? After all, is there any greater sign of optimism than a cloudless summer sky, resplendent in its vastness and brimming with hope? For Korean artist Lee Hyosun, blue […]


Miné.K(김미네) The yellow teddy bear at the center of Korean Artist Mine Kim’s work, named “NOBODY”, is also the star of their own life, and seems to have lived a million of them so far. As such, their adventures may seem oddly familiar to viewers. Bright, button-eyed, and bursting at the seams to be noticed, […]